IF Oxford is proud that there’s been a very strong female contingent in the presenters throughout the festival,” IF’s Esther Lafferty points out, and with two weeks still to go there are numerous female led events to encourage more girls to go into science.

1) The presenter of Toxicology Mixology at The Bullingdon Arms on October 19 is venom researcher Leah Fitzpatrick who invites visitors to join her for a cocktail while she explains her research on spider venom! https://if-oxford.com/event/toxicology-mixology/

Toxicology mixology

2) Dr Beth Mortimer (see main pic) from Oxford University Department of Biology, is also interested in spiders (and other animals) over at Wytham in the Animal Senses Zone for families on October 22 from 10am – 4pm at John Krebs Field Station. Explore how animals interact with and gather information on their environment using vision, taste, vibrations and webs. https://if-oxford.com/event/animal-senses-zone/

Dr Beth Mortimer

3) Uncomfortable Oxford‘s tour on the medical history of Oxford (meet at the Bridge of Sighs at 4pm October 23 is run by Oxford-based co-founders Paula Larsson and Olivia Durand who have uncovered a dark underbelly to Oxford’s classical beauty, from smallpox and plague, to prostitution and sexual health, all the way to medical science and the path to equality today, where every building tells a tale. https://if-oxford.com/event/oxfords-medical-history-an-uncomfortable-tour-2/

Uncomfortable Oxford’s Olivia Durand

4) What makes a Good Doctor? Oct 23 at 11am at Botley School, Elms Road, Botley, Oxford OX2 9JZ. At this family-friendly event youngsters can meet a doctor and historian from the University of Oxford and share ideas on what’s important and how to shape the next generation of doctors. Explore a giant inflatable brain, play a mind-boggling medical history quiz and take home a free medical history map of Oxford. https://if-oxford.com/event/what-makes-a-good-doctor/

5) Jina and the STEM Sisters, Saturday 29 October, Pegasus Theatre: A charming show packed with musical styles from opera to Motown. To a backdrop of jazz, electroacoustic and musical theatre, a pair of skilful puppeteers present the story of Jina, a girl lost in the forest. However, as Jina journeys through the trees she meets a series of empowering women from the past all of whom overcame considerable obstacles and preconceptions to have real impact in various fields of science and technology.


6) Braintastic! Mastering Memory. Oxford Playhouse, 26 October, 7pm. Expert presenter Alina Ivan answers any questions you might have about your incredible brain. Can you trust your memories? Maybe not… In this interactive science show, learn how memories can play tricks on you through a series of memory games and quizzes. Discover top memory tips and explore psychology and neuroscience research that can help boost your learning and recall skills. https://if-oxford.com/event/braintastic-mastering-memory/


IF Oxford runs until October 30. For more information visit www.if-oxford.com. The majority of events are free. (Donations will be requested using a Pay What You Decide model).