Phillip Jones, manager at the Jam Factory

The winners of this year’s Open Art Exhibition at Oxford ‘s Jam Factory have been announced.

Out of the 47 local artists showcasing their work in the prestigious annual exhibition, six artists were handpicked by a panel of expert judges as winners, including 12 year-old Daniella Jones who was awarded Best Emerging Artist for ‘Perspective city’.

1st Place – The Ring’ Arpan – photograph

Every year The Jam Factory invites photographers, designers and visual artists to submit their artwork to participate in a group show to celebrate Oxfordshire talent.

Over 200 artists entered this year, an unprecedented level, which were then whittled down to the 47 works that currently adorn the walls.

“We want to be known as an arts venue as much as a bar and restaurant”

“This is one of the strongest Open Art shows we have ever curated and we are proud of the hard work that the artists and gallery team have put into this,” Jam Factory arts manager Phillip Jones tells me.

The Open Art exhibition at the Jam Factory. Lola Tartakover’s “Quarantine Walk” in 2nd place is on the far right

So what was the criteria? “The artists had to be from Oxford and the surrounding area, while the art had to hang on the walls and be no bigger than A3 size, but subject matter wise, it was non specific.”

Judges included Mita Vaghela Head of Ovada, Daniella Battigelli of Photo Oxford Festival, Director Anthony Gardner Head of Ruskin 2017 – 2020, Jonathan Shapley Previous winner of the Open Arts 2019, Tamsin Evans of Blackwell’s Art & Poster shop, Phillip Jones, and Steven Goddard Deputy Mayor of Oxford.

The judges picking the winners at the Open arts exhibition in the Jam Factory

The winners, chosen this week by a panel of judges, were Arpan’s ‘The Ring‘ in 1st place, Lola Tartakover’s “Quarantine Walk” in 2nd place. Francesca Provenzano’s “Minimal Mist’ in 3rd place, Annie Guest’s ‘Can’t Live Without You‘ in 4th place and Julia Thaxton’s ‘Flood’ in 5th place.

Overall winner Arpan wins his first ever solo exhibitionich will be held at The Jam Factory in due course, with prizes awarded by Blackwell’s. ’The Ring’ was taken in Goa, India in 2014.

New arts manager Phillip Jones at the Jam Factory

It is thanks to a Recovery Fund grant, that the Jam Factory has been able to support Oxford’s burgeoning art scene in this way, finally reopening in May this year.

“We couldn’t be more thankful for the grant,” Phil says looking around him at the art already dotted with red ‘sold’ stickers, “especially as artists have been so prolific and creative during lockdown.”

As for the new look Jam Factory, the wonderful white walled open space is even more expansive now and the outside courtyard made into an intimate dining area complete with glasshouse roof.

The new look Jam Factory

“We want to be known as an arts venue as much as a bar and restaurant,” Phil adds, motioning at the other exhibitions currently in situ in its three galleries – Nicola Wiltshire’s ‘Flickering Lights, Trickling Dream‘ until August 17, Alison Walters ‘Sea Surge‘ until July 26, and McSHOESUE’s illustrations.

“But we also want the gallery to stand on its own two feet, while encouraging more of a community ethos, so we will be running numerous classes, workshops and outreach programmes over the coming months.”

Emerging artist ‘Perspective City’ Daniella Jones

As for the 47 pieces of work on show, they range in price from £50-£2500, with artists ranging in from 12 years old to pensioners.

Those exhibiting works in the Open Arts Exhibition include:
Simone Bonnet, Molly Gillett, Charmagne Coble, Zelga Simone Miller, Rona, Youssef Sida, Pete Collins, Ella Shephard, Sam Hamper, Will Rocke, Arpan, Jessie  Martin, Jeremy Morgan, Helen J Young, Lola Tartakover, Claire Francis, Margaret  Horton, Julius Muraga, Lorraine Turley, Rosalind Butt, Chantel Kruge, Lizzy  Runacres, Colin Stokes.

And Andy Mckay, Sarah Bates, Francesca Provenzano, Rob Griffiths, Daniella Jones, Polly Rose, Darren Hall, Anne Guest, Andrew Robinson, Megan Blackmore-Sly, Dr Dan O’Brien, David Storer, Sarah Attwood, Liz Coulter-Smith, Emma Davis, Silva Schaumloeffel, Ellen Moore, Julia Thaxton, Selin  Nugent, Damien French, Anna Thomas, Lee Riley, Amalia Lopez and Josh Rose.

3rd Place – ‘Minimal Mist’ Francesca Provenzano

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