Staff and volunteers preparing food for Ukrainian refugees as part of the Thomas Franks Foundation

When the crisis in Ukraine began hitting the news, The Thomas Franks Foundation based in Hook Norton started thinking about how they could help.

Luckily, through their Feeding Communities project, they already had the know-how about providing aid, spending the last two years providing over a million free meals to the vulnerable and the NHS. READ ABOUT IT HERE: 

Once again, using their brilliant suppliers, volunteers and sponsors, the global catering company has now sent over 7,000 tonnes of food, drinks and hygiene/medical supplies to the Polish border to support the millions of refugees pouring through from Ukraine.

Thousands of meals are being sent to feed Ukrainian refugees by the Thomas Franks Foundation

The Thomas Franks Foundation has also been working with The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) to prepare thousands of meals to the Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK.

“We wanted to ensure that we didn’t just sit by. we knew we were in a position to help those suffering”

“We wanted to ensure they were equally prepared and supported in every way for this eventuality. Therefore, many thousands of meals have been provided by Feeding Communities and are in frozen storage,” Thomas Franks spokesperson Amy Till explains

“We are continuing to look for and find ways in which we can support both the Ukrainians who are fleeing, and those communities and families in the UK preparing to take them into their homes. We will continue to help wherever it is needed,” she adds.

Volunteers and staff packing the food parcels for Ukrainian refugees

Frank Bothwell, Founder of The Thomas Franks Foundation and Thomas Franks says: ‘We wanted to ensure that we didn’t just sit by. Through the Thomas Franks Foundation and Feeding Communities projects, we knew we were in a position to help those suffering.

“We are here to support the ukrainians however we are needed”

“This crisis in Ukraine has displaced not just the refugees who have lost so much, but their loved ones, families and friends here in the UK, who are desperate to have them somewhere safe. We are here to support however we are needed.”

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