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IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival kicks off this week (October 6-30) to get us all interacting with science, connections and ideas. READ ABOUT IT HERE. With so many incredible events on hand, many free, we’ve picked our favourites.

  1. SMASHING THEATRE:  Megalith is a stunning theatre show that takes the audience on a wildly rocky journey looking back at the origins of geology and forwards to the 21st century challenges, set against a projected videographic from award-winning Limbic CinemaOVADA October 7-9, 8–9pm. https://if-oxford.com/event/megalith-3/
Megalith. Credit Mateujz Rast

2) DANCE WITH ROBOTS: Interactive choreography by Neon Dance Company brings together creativity and technology in Prehension Blooms, as three bio-inspired robots journey to a timeless alien world of sand. Just watch out for the robot creatures which lurk underfoot! OVADA Wed 12 October, 7.30 – 8.30pm. Tickets from £8. https://if-oxford.com/event/prehension-blooms/

Neon Dance_Prehension Blooms_Miles Hart Photography

3) MUSICAL THEATRE: Jina and the STEM Sisters is a history-inspired science show for families with a puppet cast of women from previous centuries who have contributed to the advancement of technology. Enjoy a varied musical score encompassing Motown and opera, electroacoustic sounds and jazz, as curious Jina uncovers some important truths about making her own way in the world. Pegasus Theatre Sat 29 October, 11 – 11.50pm and 2 – 2.50pm https://if-oxford.com/event/jina-and-the-stem-sisters/


4) Alice in the Universe, Alice in Wonderland reimagined for the 21st century, as she explores the Universe and encounters both scientists and a five-year-old child who need her help. A great opportunity to observe a rehearsed play reading. Oxford Playhouse: Fri 7 October, 7–8pm; Sat 8 October, 3–4pm and 7–8pm. https://if-oxford.com/event/alice-in-the-universe/

Alice In the Universe

5) SIX family days packed with hands-on activities across the city including the ever-popular Explorazone (Saturday 8 October; Wesley Memorial Church) where visitors can see science and meet the best and friendliest inventors in town for free. https://if-oxford.com/event/explorazone-3/

Plants for the future at IF OXFORD

6) Plants for the Future (Sunday 9 October; Oxford Botanic Gardens) reveals the secrets of green cities, plants in space and sustainable fashion. https://if-oxford.com/event/plants-for-the-future/

The Animal Senses Zone (Saturday 22 October; John Krebs Field Station in Wytham) welcomes a new view on how future technologies are designed with the help of birds, spiders and fish. https://if-oxford.com/event/animal-senses-zone/

IF Festival Picture by Ed Nix

7) FILM/DISCUSSION: A showing of the movie Her starring Joaquin Phoenix in which the protagonist falls in love with a sultry ‘female’ operating system, followed by a Q&A with neuroscientists from the University of Oxford about artificial intelligence, machine learning and what it means to be human and in love. Ultimate Picture Palace Thu 13 October, 5.45 – 8.30pm. Tickets from £10 https://if-oxford.com/event/her-artificial-intelligence-and-human-nature/


8) ZoologyJo Wimpenny investigates the truths behind Aesop’s Fables. Could a fox really out-fox a crow, would a tortoise lumber-up last in a race with a hare and is the donkey truly a dull beast?  Waterstones Bookshop Tue 11 October, 6.30 – 8pm. https://if-oxford.com/event/animal-fables/

Aesop’s animals Cover

9) INSIGHT: Are teenagers lazy? Should business executives get up at 4am? Is there an optimal time to have sex for conception? Professor Russell Foster is on hand to discuss these issues, and his new book Life Time scrutinises how to use light for the better. Wig & Pen Fri 21 October, 6 – 7 pm https://if-oxford.com/event/using-body-clock-science-to-improve-your-health/ or watch it live online at https://if-oxford.com/event/why-your-body-clock-is-important-for-health/

Russell Foster

10) WALKS: Uncomfortable Oxford returns to IF Oxford on Sunday 9 – 23 October, with a new walking tour. As participants walk the city’s streets, they’ll learn about the tension between medical science and historic imperialism. Find out how medical knowledge has been challenged, and how it’s changed the world, not always for the better! Meet at Hertford College Bridge, OX1 3BW: Sun 9 https://if-oxford.com/event/oxfords-medical-history-an-uncomfortable-tour/ and 23 October, 4 – 5.45pm https://if-oxford.com/event/oxfords-medical-history-an-uncomfortable-tour-2/

Plaque_to_1860_Oxford_evolution_debate _Museum)of_Natural_History

IF OXFORD is running from October 6-30. The majority of events are free to book but donations are welcome using a Pay What You Decide ticketing model. For more information and to book please visit https://if-oxford.com/events/