Brother and sister team John and Ashley Cavers, and Laura Snook

“It’s a tough time for small independent businesses, and we’re no exception,” Ashley Cavers, co-founder of Wonky Veg admits.

“But it is amazing to see the support from our customers who want to come out the other side of this and find that all the artisan and independent food and drink producers are still here.

“One silver lining from this difficult time could be that people appreciate and value small businesses than ever before,” she adds.

During the current lockdown, Wonky Veg is encouraging customers to support them by continuing to buy through their online shop

Started in Oxfordshire by a team of passionate farmers and foodies, The Wonky Food Company makes great tasting products that also tackle the problem of food waste.

From ugly onions to leftover limes, they pack as much imperfect and surplus fruit and veg into their products as possible, understanding that no matter what size, shape or colour, it’s the taste that counts.

Ashley Cavers

The Woodstock-based business was started in 2018 by brother and sister team John and Ashley Cavers. They were soon joined by friend and catering expert, Laura Snook, who helped create their launch range of tasty relishes, which have all been designed to be used as everyday ingredients.

Working closely with a network of farming partners, the team are also developing a number of other product ranges, responding to the food that is commonly wasted.
“40% of all the fruit and veg we grow in the UK never even makes it to the shop shelf,”
explains Ashley.

“Sometimes this is because they are the ‘wrong’ shape and size for supermarkets, and sometimes it is due to weather damage or surplus crops – but the majority of this produce is still perfectly edible.”

The relishes are currently available in a a number of Midcounties Co-ops across the county and independent stores such as Millets Farm Shop and Yarnton Home and Garden.

During the current lockdown, however, the company, based at Blenheim Park, is encouraging customers to support them by continuing to buy through their online shop, where they are currently offering free home delivery on orders over £10.

Wonky Veg in Midcounties Co-op

The business has also partnered with local businesses such as mobile greengrocer Cultivate to make sure it can reach more households.

Its products are vegan, gluten-free and made from 100% natural ingredients. With BBQ season fast approaching, make sure you stock up on their tasty relishes, and visit their website at for some recipe inspiration!
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