Are these the four up-and-coming artists of the future? According to the Oxford Playhouse yes, having chosen these gifted individuals to nurture, guide and promote over the next year.

They include an Irish choreographer, a drag king, a judo champion and a former journalist.

Sabrina Richmond, Sarah Blanc, Evie Fehilly and Jennifer Jackson have all been picked to take part in the Oxford Playhouse’s Evolve Artists-in-Residence programme which supports and mentors emerging artists.

Sarah Blanc

1) Sarah Blanc is first up and describes herself as “an Irish loudmouthed choreographer and performer” who blends dance, comedy and theatre. She is also artistic director of Moxie Brawl – a fresh, all-female, inclusive dance theatre company, as well as being one third of Annie Vicky Sarah – the inclusive dance troupe.

Her work has been described as ‘dance meets theatre meets stand-up’ and as a freelance choreographer/movement director she has worked with companies, organisations and artists such as Little Red Kettle, Complicite, Bryony Kimmings, Royal Opera House, Perth Concert Hall and The Place.

2) Evie Fehilly on the other hand is a sex educator, clown and sex clown. Drag king, queen and winner of man up! 2019, Fehilly’s theatre creations captivate crowds with themes of sexual liberation, consent and sexual misconduct. 

This one-person circus will make you laugh, cry and feel empowered, often whilst wearing a bald cap! Fehilly’s mission is to help everyone have open conversations about sex both in their capacity as a sex educator and performer, as well as making SeX ClowN CabareT and workshops at feminist sex shop- SH! 

3) Jennifer Jackson is a British/Bolivian theatre-maker, movement director and actor and the former under 50kg AJA British Judo Champion. Her work encompasses contemporary dance, Bolivian folk dance, new writing, movement and the transformative aspects of sport. (see main pic)

4) Sabrina Richmond is a local performer, writer and emerging director with a background in journalism. She has lived in seven countries since birth and is therefore passionate about belonging, identity and how we make home. She undertook her actor training in New York and has since performed in theatres across London. 

She is on the Tamasha Theatre Playwrights programme 2019/20, working on intergenerational trauma and will be working on Sex in a Time of Age (working title) with Evolve.


Laura Elliot, Programme Director commented: We are hugely excited to be working with these exceptionally talented artists over the next year. Each artist has a history of working with diverse communities that is hugely inspiring, and we are looking forward to supporting them.”

Oxford Playhouse also aims to create a support network of past, present and potential future Evolve artists, as well as artists who are Oxfordshire based, during the Covid-19 crisis.

“The current pandemic is having a devastating effect on artists and arts organisations all around the country,” Laura adds. “In response to this, Oxford Playhouse has adapted and extended their vision for artist development. They wish to support as many artists as possible through this difficult time and provide a platform to keep people connected.”

These include Todos Teatro, On the Run, WhatNot Theatre and Clodhopper.


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