Euton Daley, poet, performer, writer, director and producer has many creative projects on the go at once. One of these is directing an innovative family Christmas show by puppet theatre company Wild Boor Ideas that stars three live actors and scores of puppets in the style of seasonal produce. 

Supermarket Scrooge is a lively piece loosely based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and, just like the aforementioned, has a serious point to make among the preposterous puns, catchy sing-a-long tunes and the ‘he’s behind you’ interactive panto style moments.

It tells the story of business-focused Wilameana Scrooge who runs a supermarket and employs her tender-hearted sister Emily Scratchit as an assistant.

With her eye out for a fast buck and enticing shoppers in for a last-minute bargain, Wilameana doesn’t get the true meaning of Christmas.

Emily, on the other hand, stops to help a down on her luck bag lady, giving her a job at the store. The three characters engage in much singing, joking and slapstick to tell a Christmas tale about caring for others at this special time.

It’s a great romp with lots of fun in the telling and as Euton explains: “There’s an art in creating theatre for children and families.

“It can have a strong and important message as well as being hugely entertaining at the same time – for all members of the family. Emma Boor (of Wild Boor Ideas) and I have worked on a number of shows together all of which tell a memorable tale.

“Last Christmas we collaborated on Winnie and Wilbur’s Christmas Adventure which was great fun to make and a massive hit. Its main message was ‘presents aren’t important but spending time with your friends and family is.”

This year’s Christmas show has a similar theme and is closely linked to the Dickens classic in that regard, but it also has a parallel story about waste and recycling.

“Setting it in a supermarket lets us point to some of the issues that many people are getting more concerned about and helps give younger people a view of the topic that makes sense in their world,” Euton adds.

Wild Boor Ideas shows are very popular with families including children aged 2- 7 years. There’s loads of energetic audience participation, great songs, puns and physical gags from both live and puppet performers.

After all where else would you see the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future played by a giant brussels sprout, a gaudily wrapped Christmas present and a frozen turkey?

How could anyone want to miss that?

Supermarket Scrooge plays from 19-23 December at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building, St Hilda’s College, Cowley Place, Oxford OX4 1DY

Tickets £10 from Tickets Oxford 01865 305 305 or

Wild Boor Ideas –

Euton Daley –


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