Fancy winning some amazing prizes? Join Lauren Baker from the Oxford Botanic Garden whose fun Zoom pub quiz with a difference is part of IF Oxford, the science and ideas festival.

Trawl your knowledge, travel a world without quarantine and have a laugh from the safety of your own homes by entering Flora Obscura – the botanical pub quiz.

Prizes up for grabs include annual passes and day entry tickets for Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum (OBGA) as well as a wildcard prize to the best botanical team name.

Give us a clue? Citrus Medica or Buddhas Hand

Quiz host Lauren Baker from Oxford Botanic Garden will lead the event over Zoom, and will be asking questions about the 5,000 plants on the 4.5 acre site in central Oxford.

The OBGA is the oldest botanic garden in the UK and was first established nearly 400 years ago.

“I’ll be asking questions about plants from these very different environments – from arid deserts to the rainforest – and we have a cloud forest house too,” Lauren says.

“We grow plants from high places, waterlilies, and carnivorous plants and have seven display glasshouses. People are often fascinated by the Venus Fly Trap and surprised to learn it is actually a bog-plant. It can grow in soil that is very low in nutrients because it gets almost everything it needs from the bugs it captures.

The Venus Fly Trap

Designed for all the family, the teenager taking biology at school, the amateur gardener and the plant enthusiast or anyone who just loves a good pub quiz, participants need to sign up to the event beforehand.

Audiences then download an app to enable them to answer questions on their phones as a TV audience would, on Zoom.

For the link to the Botanic Garden pub quiz on Saturday October 10 go to: https://if-oxford.com/event/flora-obscura-the-botanical-pub-quiz/

The full IF Oxford programme is online now; Festival dates 1 – 31 October 2020; www.if‑oxford.com


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