Suffia Hussain

The Oxford Wellbeing Project wants to make sure everyone can access affordable wellbeing by holding a Virtual Summit this weekend.

Whether it’s through yoga and mindfulness, or taking a wider view of wellbeing through cross cultural sensitivity and awareness, The Oxford Wellbeing Project is hosting a free-to-attend Virtual Wellbeing Summit to kick off the project on July 25-26.

The aim is to provide better access to wellbeing for the local Oxford community, both during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected many emotionally and mentally, as well as physically, and beyond the lockdown.

Sushila Dhall

The virtual summit has a stellar line up of practitioners, teachers and local businesses sharing their experiences and practices across the weekend including Sushila Dhall from Refugee Resource, Deborah Humphrey from The Wellbeing Story and mentor & facilitator Suffia Hussain.

Noe Orozco, fitness coach says: “It is a dream come true. Bringing wellbeing to the general public in Oxford and being part of an incredible group of practitioners!”

Tanya Vyas, Founder of The Henna Boutique agrees: “I am so in love with this project because it is providing an opportunity of wellbeing for free to the community, to remind people that they are all worthy of self-love and healing.”

“When you say self-care people think it’s all yoga, meditation and bubble baths and that if you’re unable to do these things, it doesn’t count. And that needs to stop.”

This is just the beginning of the project, and other practitioners are being encouraged to contact the team if they would like to be involved in the project going forwards.

The plan is to initially create an online home for the project now, with a view to using already available physical space in the city when it is safe to come back together.

Suffia Hussain, mentor and facilitator says: “I’m excited about being part of this project because it’s part of my legacy vision coming true! Providing safe spaces and guidance to those that need it has always been my dream and this project has provided the perfect platform.”

The project is also in the process of setting up as a social enterprise, and welcomes any donations towards the cost of the summit and website. A link to The Oxford Wellbeing Project GoFundMe page will be available shortly.

The project is also keen to change perceptions of wellbeing and self care. Marley Van Esbroeck, project volunteer adds: “When you say self-care people think it’s all yoga, meditation and bubble baths and that if you’re unable to do these things, it doesn’t count. And that needs to stop. It’s important to know it’s much more than that, and it’s individual, it’s personal.”

Claire Waite Brown, founder of Open Stage Arts, already engaged in helping those in lockdown adds: “I am excited to share that wellbeing can be accessed and nurtured in a wealth of different ways. I fear that people think self-care is all hippy-dippy and only accessible if you have the money to go to private practitioners, or have the confidence to go to a class where everyone else knows what they are doing and you might feel exposed.

Open Stage Arts’ virtual programme

“It is great that the summit is showcasing writing, singing, parenting, accessible yoga, and subjects that can appeal to all sorts of different people and all ages.”

Rosie Jacobs, Co-Founder of Independent Oxford is also excited about next weekend. She explains: “The virtual summit is just the beginning of The Oxford Wellbeing Project, a social impact venture that hopefully can help to make our community stronger, and play a part in reducing inequality. We are extremely proud to support it.”

You can find the full line up here


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