Justice In Motion

Spectacular show On Edge by Oxford based Justice in Motion, which combines fast-paced parkour, physical theatre and riveting storytelling, is being performed in the centre of Oxford.

The FREE outdoor show from Oxford based Justice in Motion will be performed in Oxford’s Broad Street on Saturday 17 July at 1pm and 4pm.

The astonishing, adrenaline-fuelled, gravity-defying moves of the international cast is as eye-opening and hard-hitting as the story-line.

Organisers hope this athletic and compelling performance in the heart of the city will draw people in to watch performers fly through the air as they tell a story inspired by real life cases of the slave trade in modern day cities.

Atop towering scaffolding, a group of men will ricochet around a building site. We follow the journey of one man from his home and young family to a new job where all is not as it first appears…

Justice In Motion is an Oxford theatre company set up by Anja Meinhardt in 2013 to deal with complex social issues through theatre, from modern day slavery to loneliness.

And having performed around the country, the athletic theatre company is delighted to be coming home to Oxford. “It will be really interesting to see how On Edge fits into Broad Street and we really hope lots of people come to enjoy it,” Anja says.

“But performing in Oxford is really exciting. It’s our home crowd, our supporters, so we hope everyone comes along to enjoy, engage and join.”

“It’s been an incredible marriage, using parkour as an art form to talk about these issues in real communities, and attracting the people we are trying to access.”

“The storyline is as poignant as ever and we’ve used lockdown to fine tune the narrative and the physicality of the show, so On Edge has definitely stepped up a level.

The issues of slavery have only been acerbated by the pandemic so something we really need to address. We can all do something to stand up to these injustices,” she adds.

ON EDGE by Justice in Motion will be performed in Oxford’s Broad Street on 17 July at 1pm and 4pm. The performance is free but donations are vital for the company’s continued survival. https://www.justiceinmotion.co.uk/events/