Farmer Ben Wilson has ploughed a special NHS heart design into a 20 acre field, to show support for the frontline NHS staff working around the clock while the coronavirus epidemic rages around us.

The brilliant design was then captured by drone for all to see, and the pics have taken off on Twitter already.

If you look really hard you can even see Ben and his son Tom on their tractor in the middle of the field.

The farm manager for the Glympton Estate, who lives on the 3,000 acres with his wife and two children, adds: “We were inspired by the 8pm clapping for the NHS staff in Glympton village. Farmers all over the country have also been coming up with ideas of how to show their support for the NHS, so this was my way of doing so.”

Ben’s father is also currently halfway through his radiotherapy treatment for bladder cancer at The Churchill Hospital and Ben adds: “The NHS has been absolutely outstanding in continuing his treatment while coping with the coronavirus crisis. So I just wanted to thank them and show the NHS and their frontline staff some support, gratitude and solidarity.

“Because farmers, and others in the food supply chain, are working 24/7 as well to make sure we all have enough food and to keep up with supplies, so we feel a real kinship with them because they are doing such a sterling job.

“We also have close family and friends who work in the NHS all over the country, from anaesthetists to midwifes and cancer managers,” Ben said, who is also coaches at Gosford All Blacks and Chipping Norton Rugby Clubs.

Ben therefore wants to give a shout out to Claire Dellar, an anaesthetist at The John Radcliffe in Oxford,  Sophie Holmes an Occupational Therapist at The Horton, Louise Jeanes, a Cancer Programme Manager for Lincolnshire CCG deployed to the COVID command centre there, and Corinne Williams, a midwife at Grimsby Hospital.

To show your appreciation and to get Ben’s design out there, follow him on Twitter at @farmerben4 and share.


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