Congregation by Ray Lee - Photo Credit Hat Fair

Can you keep a sphere ‘happy’ around Oxford? Then book into Congregation, a brand new tour guided by a silver sphere that communicates through music.

Audiences will take on the challenge of keeping their sphere ‘happy’ as each sphere leads audience members through the streets and alleyways of Oxford’s city centre to a secret location.

Congregation of NNF © Mary Doggett

Congregation is the creation of award winning artist and composer Ray Lee where audiences take on the challenge of keeping their sphere ‘happy’ by going in the right direction.

In return the sphere will lead them on a sonic voyage to a mysterious final destination where they will encounter a chiming, pulsing web of electronic sound. 

Audiences can share a sphere (up to 4 people per sphere) or book one each. There are five starting points within the city centre and Congregation lasts approx 40 mins and involves a 20 minute walk on even terrain.

Congregation (1) – Ray Lee @ Freedom Festival 2019

OCM is delighted with this year’s offering. director Jo Ross says: Congregation is an artwork that has enchanted participants and spectators across the UK since its creation.

OCM and the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University are excited about bringing it to Oxford to experience it here in our historic and beautiful public spaces.

NNF – photo credit Ray Lee

Ray, Professor of Sound Art at Oxford Brookes University, has brought some magnificent sound art experiences to Oxford over the past few years. Audiences might remember being mesmerised by the spinning tripods of Chorus in 2012, the monumental installation Ring Out at the Clarendon Quad in 2017 or the Ethometric Museum when it premiered at the History of Science Museum in 2011.

Congregation will take place on October 8-9 at 3pm and 6pm each day. Book at £5 per sphere, bookings at