Jazmine Flowers. pic by Shade Dean Alegre

Jazmine Flowers’ epic weekend kicks off at Big Feastival on Friday night; her dulcet, fun, intimate R&B notes drifting over Alex James‘ Farm in Kingham on the BBC Introducing stage.

Reading Festival is next on Saturday afternoon, the 100,000+ audience there for the picking. But instead of resting and hanging out back stage she’s then hot-footing it back to Oxfordshire for a home-coming gig at Woodstock Live that night, in the town where she grew up.

Again, there’s no rest for the wicked because Sunday sees her performing at Leeds Festival before another huge crowd: “It’s gonna be insane.” she grins, “so I’m nervous and excited and am expecting to be totally exhausted by the end but in a good way. I’m taking my vitamins, put it that way.”

Jazmine Flowers. Pic by Henry Croston

2022 is shaping up to be all the things Jaz wanted when she embarked on her music career full time back in 2019 READ ABOUT IT HERE having been signed by Island Records.

Because despite, the 22 year-old’s appetite for live music, a busy summer looked unlikely, festivals booked with artists over Covid.

“I was told I probably wouldn’t get a look in because so many singers and bands were rebooked for the gigs they missed during Covid, and yet here I am performing on some of the biggest festivals in the country,” she grins.

But thanks to her huge 121,000 TikTok following, a million likes, 600,000 Spotify streams, and the massive support of BBC Introducing, in particular Dave Gilyeat of Radio Oxford, READ ABOUT IT HERE her star was shining too brightly to ignore and the gigs flooded in.

Jazmine Flowers. Pics by Shade Dean Alegre

She headlined in London at The Grace which sold out, then performed at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival and BST Hyde Park, and yet this will still be her biggest weekend ever, and she can’t wait to get out there and show us what she’s got.

“I love being out on stage and being able to see the crowd and talk and sing to them. It can be quite overwhelming. I do get big imposter syndrome, but I’ve got more of a name behind me now,” she says.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jaz’s new single ‘detached’, her first as an independent artist, is being released on Friday, so it’s the perfect opportunity for us all to hear her new music.

Jazmine Flowers. Pic by Henry Croston

“I left my record label earlier this year and wasn’t sure how it would go as an independent artist but it’s been so busy. It’s a bit of extra work but I have got a platform and that’s what counts,” she says.

“So now it’s just about getting out there and showing people what I can do. I’m honoured to have been invited to this weekend’s festivals, and playing to a home crowd is really special. There will be lots of people there who may not have seen or heard me so I just hope I make a good impression,” she shrugs. “It’s going to be mad.”

Jazmine Flowers. Pic by Henry Croston

Jazmine Flowers is at:

  • Big Feastival on Friday August 26 at 7pm on the BBC Introducing stage.
  • Reading Festival on Saturday August 27 on the BBC Introducing stage at 3pm
  • Woodstock Live at 8pm
  • Leeds festival on Sunday August 28 at 3pm

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