What began as a market stall selling vegan burgers at Oxford’s street food market in Gloucester Green on Saturdays has gone from strength to strength, and launched a vegan burger home delivery service.

It’s now been a year since V Stack was born, offering its unique 100% plant based burgers and more, pushing the concept that vegan food can be deliciously dirty. It has already hosted its first pop up restaurant and is now expanding into the home delivery service. 

So what’s the secret to their vegan burger success? “We offer something different to what is already out there, as we don’t rely on any meat substitutes, so our patty is a deep-fried cauliflower steak, stacked with a range of toppings,” Bonita Bryan explains.

Launched in June 2019, while the girls were still juggling their day jobs, Bonita says: “It’s been quite a journey so far, as we are still balancing working our Monday – Friday, but with the help of V Stack’s back-bone (aka our mum) we have adapted to making our new lifestyle work.

“We have built our little business out of our love for food, and so far, have met wonderfully kind people who fully support what we do.”

Co-founded with her sister Katie, whose background is in law, while Bonita’s is in advertising, the duo from Headington share the same passion for cooking.

So what led them to start their own vegan streetfood company? Bonita says: “Being of Jamaican heritage, cooking was a huge thing in our family and we were brought up with flavoursome food. V Stack developed from our lack of satisfaction with the vegan food offered on menus, and inspired us to experiment with recipes in the kitchen.

“Eventually, The Stack was born, and then we knew everyone needed to taste our new burger creation,” she laughs.

The Stack is a deep fried cauliflower burger dipped in hot sauce and topped with lettuce, homemade slaw, gherkins, jalapeños, pickled onions and sweet chilli sauce.

The menu also offers lip smackers like buff wings, Mac n cheese, home slaw, cajun fries and extras such as smashed guac.

Is it aimed at vegans? “Yes and no. Of course our key customers are vegans, but our main goal is for V Stack to be a viable option for everyone to enjoy,” Bonita explains.

“Our generation is now becoming more aware of reducing their meat intake and taking the ‘flexitarian’ route. We would love to see ourselves as a business bringing people together through our food to take that step forward. 

You can place your re-order for V Stack at vstack.co.uk for home delivery on Saturday.  

Or follow them on Instagram at @vstackburger 


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