Imagine this: Your child wakes up and hears a package being delivered in the mail. Zipping downstairs they squeal when they realise it’s from Creation Theatre Company, and open it to find imaginative games, challenges and fun activities to explore, stories, themes and characters to get them in the mood for their weekly Creation’s drama workshops. The magic has just begun.

Welcome to the new 12 Classic Tales in 12 Weeks programme, for children aged 5-10 and teens aged 11-16.

Combined with a weekly 60 minute online drama class focusing on a different story each week, the workshops will include a live video call on Zoom with other Drama Clubbers, plus you can meet and talk to the actors, go behind the scenes and learn how Creation Theatre transforms stories into amazing theatre experiences.

For the hundreds of children already signed up to Creation’s weekly drama clubs, this is an extension of what they already know and experience. But for those who haven’t had the pleasure, time, transport or knowledge of Creation’s extra curricular activities, everyone is now able to join.

“It’s a great way too socialise your child while they are at home as well.” Lucy says.

And next week you can try the workshop out for free art a taster session, during the soft launch, classes beginning properly the week after at a range of different times and days

“These workshops will go way beyond any drama clubs we’ve hosted before and will cover everything from costume design to silent film but fundamentally it’s about story-telling – offering fun new ways for you and your family to engage with classic stories,” Lucy Askew, Creation Theatre Company’s creative director tells me.

“And by joining now you’ll play a key part in ensuring Creation Theatre continues to create amazing stories in unusual places for us all to enjoy together in the future.”

There are many other madcap ideas bubbling away in Creation’s HQ currently, and while some projects are on the back burner, Lucy is preparing for all eventualities.

“Creation will be OK. We are cutting back like everyone else but what is coming out of all this are some wonderful ideas and ways to diversify in the future. But we also have out fingers crossed that we can still go ahead with performing Time machine at Oxford’s Natural History Museum late July early August , and The Wizard of Oz at The North Wall over Christmas.

For more details ring 01865 766266 or go to


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