Oxfordshire gin company Collagin has introduced their new gin Lavender & Elderflower and we have a bottle to giveaway in our brand new competition!

Collagin’s Lavender & Elderflower gin hosts 11 botanicals including vanilla and Angelica root, and, as with all their gins, their unique addition of pure collagen.

The result is a deliciously smooth, velvety gin with notes of lavender, finished with a sweet elderflower essence and a shot of collagen. And having tasted it for ourselves, we can definitely recommend it!

Just mix the delicious new Lavender & Elderflower concoction with ice cold tonic water and a sprig of rosemary for the perfect G&T.

Collagin was founded by Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick, whom you may recognise from BBC2’s Dragon’s Den, their vision was to create a quality gin which not only tastes beautiful but looks fabulous too.

And yes they add actual collagen to their concoctions, which was such a good selling point that they were picked up by Dragon’s Den.

Liz and Camilla on Dragon’s Den

And it’s all paid off because Collagin has been a raging success ever since, especially in lockdown!

“Before Dragon’s Den we already had some big customers, we had signed with Ocado and were talking to John Lewis. But after filming, the due diligence was more of a hinderance than a help, it was costing us time and money, so in the end we decided to take a step back and went for crowdfunding instead,” Liz explains.

Having kicked off with the original Collagin, last year they introduced Rose, while Lavender & Elderflower is the latest addition.

The Collagin collection

And Collagin couldn’t be any more local if it tried: Collagin is distilled, made, bottled, labelled, stored and sent out locally and is a really hands on process because it all happens in Oxfordshire.

“If we want a new flavour we can chat to our distiller and make one. Oxfordshire is really into gin so it feels right that Collagin’s base is here,” Cam explains.

The girls have learned so much since setting up Collagin in 2017. “We are now in year three and our gin has really got people talking – it’s a special occasion gin and received worldwide press coverage when we launched which helped to get the attention of the BBC,” Liz says.

So is it a case of right time, right place? “Gin is such a big thing at the moment and it is quite rare to have two ladies running a drinks business. But we are also very ambitious so want Collagin to become more international and to introduce more products and flavours,” Cam says.

Liz & Cam

“Having said that we came up against quite a lot of obstacles; lots of sexism and people who told us it would never work. But the haters and the doubters have done us a massive favour because they spurred us on to make it work.”

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To find out more about Collagin or to order their new gin, go to: https://collagin.co.uk/collagin-lavender-elderflower/


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