If you walk down Woodstock’s streets early in the morning you might catch the whiff of chocolate and butter, the scent of baking wafting through the air, of French pastries and pain de campagne.

That’s because there’s a new baker in town – in the form of Jean-Pierre Tinteniac who returned to his early passion in lockdown – French baking -and has now started his own business Mange Tout.

It already taken off, his offerings often selling out, residents queueing up to secure his famous tarte au fraise, handmade chocolates or brioche, and Jean-Pierre is delighted, not only because he’s back to doing what he does best – as his ancestors have done for the last three generations.

Brought up near St Malo, his family ran a local bakery and Jean-Pierre trained under his father before deciding to become a chef instead. Classically trained, cheffing took him all around France from the Alps to Mont St Michel and Paris.

He moved to England 23 years ago and worked in hotels and restaurants from Yorkshire to Cirencester, but on meeting his English wife four years ago, the pair decided to settle in Woodstock.

Jean-Pierre’s artisan hand made chocolates

It was only in lockdown however, that Jean-Pierre had this burning desire to start baking again, and once he started found he couldn’t stop.

“My wife eventually turned round and said ‘we can’t possibly eat all this’ so we began giving it to the neighbours until one of them suggested that I start taking orders. To make produce on a bigger scale I needed to find a proper kitchen and eventually someone told me the Woodstock Social Club kitchen was unused, so here I am,” he said happily.

“if you’d told me a few years ago that I would be a baker just like my dad I wouldn’t have believed you”

It’s only been a week since he set up there, opening on Bastille Day which seemed fitting, and he’s delighted with the response already, delivering the orders himself after noon every day.

“Loving the town of Woodstock, I have now decided to make a go at sharing with the people my quality products made with the heart,” he says with that unmistakable gallic charm.

With baking roots stretching right back to the French Revolution, Jean-Pierre focuses on Britanny’s specialities, often found in the markets around Saint Malo.

“That’s where I get my passion, my history, how things needs to be made properly with the right ingredients,” he explains.

“My business here uses the same principle, and that’s why I’ve decided to make everything fresh to order using old traditional recipes.

“But if you’d told me a few years ago that I would be a baker just like my dad I wouldn’t have believed you,” he laughs. “Turns out I am enjoying it more than I thought. I have found my groove and I am happy.””

As for the future, while Jean-Pierre wants the business to thrive he is still cautious. “I don’t want my business to turn into a machine. I don’t have a shop so my overheads are low. But I enjoy delivering to the locals and think hard about what to make and what specialities I can introduce them to like Breton biscuits.”

Jean-Pierre also delivers breakfast boxes of mini brioche, pain au raisin, and pain au chocolat, which I’ve already ordered. Ditto the strawberry tarte!

He uses local producers such as Wessex Mill flour and Mayfield eggs and even uses duck eggs in some recipes.

As a side line you can also order French specialities such as chicken chasseur, cassoulet and beef bourguignon, or a more English quiche and meat pies include chicken and mushroom or beef.

So why Mange Tout? “It’s my nickname,” he smiles “and it seems to fit quite well, being a play on words for ‘eating everything’.” As for choosing Woodstock he is delighted: “There is nothing French in Woodstock. I don’t pretend to be anything other than what I am but I have definitely put down roots here. I’ve found my market and my clientele. It’s my home.”

Jean-Pierre’s baking must be pre-booked. You can ring MangeTout Chef on 07849122158 or order online to get a home delivery the following day:
www.mangetoutchef.co.uk or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MangetoutChef/


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