Warning Notes

As day turns to night, immerse yourself in the captivating sound world and ever changing outdoor live performance Warning Notes in Florence Park.

The creation of International artist Mark Anderson, Warning Notes is improvised and responsive to the Oxford audience and environment. 

Warning Notes

Open to everyone – from children to adults – audiences can come and go freely, with each ‘cycle’ of the show taking 30 minutes.

Warning Notes uses an ensemble of visually striking mechanical ‘instruments’ – gongs, bells, whistles and explosive events – to create a rich and powerful soundscape that gives voice to the current social and ecological alarm in our world through an immersive sonic experience of suspense and shifting sounds.

Both playful and hypnotic, Warning Notes invites us to listen to the present while contemplating our personal and global stories as well as our future together. 

“There are so many things that should be causing alarm, Mark explains, “from war to climate change, inequality, social injustice and personal situations. Warning Notes gives it a voice, a clarion call, from a whisper to a roar.” 

Warning Notes

Co-commissioned and co-presented by Oxford Contemporary Music, don’t miss the fascinating show in Florence Park, on October 27-28 October from 4-8pm

A sound exploration and design workshop for ages 13+ will take place Saturday 28 October from 10.30am-2.30pm, followed by a touch tour at 3.15pm, and a relaxed performance from 4pm-4.30pm.

In an In Conversation event, Mark Anderson, the poet-researcher Selina Nwulu and others unpack Warning Notes and its compelling commentary on pressing global issues, on Saturday 28 October at 11am.

For more information on Warning Notes go to https://www.ocmevents.org