Frank Bothwell who is currently setting up a Feeding Communities hub teaching children to cook in Kenya

Thomas Franks triumphed at the Oxfordshire Business Awards, as the Hook Norton corporate catering company, famous for its charity work, took home two awards.

Thomas Franks won Business of the Year while its founder Frank Bothwell won Business Person of the Year at the glittering ceremony.

Frank was away in Kenya setting up a charity hub teaching children to cook so sadly missed the awards, but was delighted with the results.

Frank Bothwell who is currently setting up a Feeding Communities hub teaching children to cook in Kenya

“Every day I am in awe of the talent at Thomas Franks, whether it’s the food from our chefs, the customer service from our front of house team or at our head office. These awards reflect their hard work and passion and I am delighted that it has been recognised,” he says.

Frank and his wife Emma were also responsible for setting up the Thomas Franks Foundation at the beginning of the pandemic which has provided over a million free meals through their Feeding Communities programme for the vulnerable and NHS. (READ ABOUT IT HERE:

More recently, the foundation has been providing tonnes of food to Ukraine to help feed the refugees in Poland pouring over the border. (READ ABOUT IT HERE:

Frank Bothwell is deemed a champion at Ox In A Box, ands was the recipient of a Food Hero Award back in February at the Ox In A Box Food Awards.

Frank Bothwell of the Thomas Franks Foundation with Raymond Blanc

And last Friday, these and so many other achievements were recognised as the best businesses from across Oxfordshire gathered together to celebrate their achievements at the Oxfordshire Business Awards.

Thomas Franks is an international, industry-leading catering company founded on values of quality food, cutting edge creativity and people and training. The Business of the Year award reflects their team spirit and gives recognition to their passion for hard work and exceptional service. 

While Frank Bothwell has an excellent understanding and knowledge of the hospitality industry, his vision to continually grow and develop the business makes him a worthy winner of the Business Person of the Year Award. 

Frank and his volunteers working for the Feeding Communities project

To donate or help with the Feeding Communities project go to: