Warm sun on her skin, Bethany Marett

A huge diversity and range of disciplines is on show at Oxford’s North Wall as the work of eight local artists appears in Flow 365, followed swiftly by Bethany Marett‘s Interior Light, encapsulating painting, photography, ceramics and printmaking. 

Flow 365 promises to be one of the highlights of the local art centre’s exhibition calendar, and includes work by Jane Bowen, Juliet Ferguson-Rose, Adam Hahn, Camilla Holder, Sharon Keen, Bethany Marrett, Ethan Powell and Lorraine Turley.

Adam Hahn – Ovidio

Flow 365 embodies what it is to be a practising artist within education (the exhibition is made up of art teachers at St Edward’s School) and underscores the diversity and range of disciplines within their work, as well as their need to explore, create and reinvent. (Flow 365 runs until Saturday June 11. (https://www.thenorthwall.com/whats-on/st-edwards-school-flow-365/)

This is being immediately followed by Bethany Marett, Artist in Residence there, showcasing her diverse body of work made during her tenure at Teddies.

Lamplight, Bethany Marett

Entitled Interior Light, Bethany will explore the many branches of printmaking, with a focus on the techniques involved in woodcutting and etching.

“As someone new to Oxford, this has been an incredible year for me – really being able to focus on printmaking – specifically reduction woodcuts, photopolymers and etchings,” Bethany says. 

“Being within a school has both changed and challenged my practice, and I feel very fortunate to have had the space, time and facilities to make ambitious large-scale reduction woodcuts for the first time and to really hone this technique.

Jane Bowen – Slip decorated sculpture

“I do hope Interior Light will be both an insight into, and a celebration of the medium and the versatility of print.”

Bethany’s colourful reduction woodcuts focus on moments of beauty and quiet found in the everyday, while her enigmatic etchings evoke bodily existence, both figuratively, and abstract to remind us how versatile and powerful our bodies can be.

Thrown Shadows, Bethany Marett

Bethany is the recipient of various awards including a bursary from A-N & Arts Council England in 2020, the Chelsea Arts Club Trust in 2019, and the Almacantar Studio Award in 2018. She is also a member of The London Group and Greenwich Printmakers and her work is held in international private and public collections including the V&A, University of Calgary and Scarborough Art Gallery.

Lorraine Turley

Interior Light runs at the North Wall from June 15 – July 2. https://www.thenorthwall.com/whats-on/bethany-marett-interior-light/