A Christmas Carol

Those who don’t want to embrace the wind, rain and statistics can rest assured that thanks to Hawksmoor and Oxford’s Creation Theatre, you can still be fed, watered and entertained beyond your wildest dreams.

Thanks to the pandemic, getting your food delivered with cooking instructions is no longer a novelty, but food of this quality is.

Because the Hawksmoor At Home steak experience is second to none. The three course meal sent in a huge box and accompanied by wine and cocktails, was a quality experience from the word go.

Kick off with a Sour Cherry Negroni, cork the Rioja Real Agrado, serve the Forest & Brown smoked salmon and rye bread, and then push play and let Dickens take you away from it all.

Because when combined with Creation’s latest digital show A Christmas Carol at Home, it’s a pretty unbeatable night in.

Festive fillet box – Hawksmoor

Creation has excelled at digital theatre since the pandemic began, and this latest offering is narrated by Scrooge himself, played by GRAEME ROSE. This is light-hearted, musical, fun and eccentric depiction of the festive tale is set in a sketched black and white illustrated moving set which recreates Dickensian London.

“Deliciously innovative in every way, Creation has done it again. Why go out?”

The steak box includes a QR code to scan which takes you through to the production, directed by Gari Jones which you can watch as you cook, eat and enjoy.

Creation’s A Christmas Carol

Six little boxes are included which you are instructed to open as the feast unfolds. Bah humbugs anyone?

And what a feast it is! Fillet steak comes next with creamed spinach, Matt Brown’s Ultimate Oven Chips, cooked thrice, a creamy peppercorn sauce and garlic mushrooms. It doesn’t stop there with a sticky toffee pudding begging to be eaten if you have room.

The Hawksmoor steak supper

Deliciously innovative in every way, Creation has done it again. Why go out?

A Christmas Carol – On demand stream self catering option – is available to book until 20 Dec at 9am. Book at https://creationtheatre.co.uk/a-christmas-carol-self-catering/