Tired of meat heavy Indian takeaways? Former local restaurateur and landlord Bal Gill has come up with a brilliant alternative – V-Giyan – a new, fresh vegan Punjabi meal box delivery service launched across Oxfordshire from his base in Wendlebury near Bicester.

And we have got one V-Giyan #PlanetHappyMeal to give away delivered to your door- an eco friendly box with 3/4 prepped meals and sides ready inside. All you have to do is heat them up in the microwave and you have a vegan Punjabi feast ready and waiting for you.

This box consists of:

  1. Deep Filled Punjabi Samosas w/ Chana Masala
  2. Punjabi Bhaji – Side Bite 
  3. Vegan Punjabi Kadhi Curry w/ Rice
  4. Vegan Dal Makhani w/ Basmatic Rice
  5. Saag Aloo
  6. 3 x Baked Earth Garlic & Coriander Naan 
  7. Homemade Lemon Pickle
The V-Giyan Punjabi meal box delivered to your door

So why did Bal start V-Giyan then? “Indian food is so misrepresented in the UK and often made with oily, cheap grade meat,” he says.

“So I’ve come up with V-Giyan instead and deliver fresh vegan Punjabi meal boxes across Oxfordshire.”

V-Giyan means science, knowledge and wisdom in Hindu. When combined with Bal’s #EatNatural ethos, which is 100% plant based with Ayurvedic qualities, then you’ve got an idea where V-Giyan is headed.

“Did we miss the meat or dairy? It didn’t even cross our minds”

Bal analysed each traditional Punjabi dish and looked at how to make them vegan without the more traditional dairy-rich ingredients.

“V-Giyan curries are cooked as they were traditionally in Punjab – slowly over a number of hours, so that all of the flavours can marry with the vegetables and the goodness can be released from the fresh herbs and spices, but without the dairy,” he explains.

“Real curry is prepared like a broth or soup, slowly and with love and care. Plus, the format in which we deliver the food is designed specifically to maximise the nutritional quality to the customer.

“I love our food because it has great health benefits and feels like a blessing to know that you have replaced even one meal for a healthy and natural one.”  

“in the preparation of good quality Punjabi food, speed cannot be part of the equation”

Having worked as a publican and head chef in pubs and restaurants across Oxfordshire, Bal left hospitality, discovered meditation, spirituality and a vegan diet, which helped him find a deeper sense of contentment and compassion, all of which he has used in his new venture.

Bal Gill

And having sampled some of the V-Giyan delights at oxinabox.co.uk – especially the daal, saag, bhaji, samosas, tofu paneer curry, plus a creamy mushroom and coconut curry too, delivered to our doorstep, we can heartily recommend it.

Not only is this a great, healthy alternative but its accruements – being vegan, responsible, mindful and environmental – tick all the boxes

There was a freshness to the spices and concoctions, a wonderful sense of healthy, nutritious food propelling you along while losing none of its Indian heritage.

The samosas were a particular favourite and the vibrant, zingy, spicy, super green saag aloo. The dense punch of the ‘protein kick’ yellow lentil daal, and the vegan matar (pea) and ‘Tofu’ paneer curry also deserve a mention.

Did we miss the meat or dairy? It didn’t even cross our minds. Not only is this a great, healthy alternative but its accruements – being vegan, responsible, mindful and environmental, tick all the boxes. All the packaging is 100% recyclable too.

Or as my teenage son concluded: “Its great value, nicely flavoured, bio degradable and vegan. It’s the way forward so big up to V-Giyan.”

There are no additives or preservatives in any of the food and everything has been cooked from scratch, slowly and authentically to make sure all of the flavours, fresh herbs and spices all marry together perfectly.

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The competition will end on Sunday September 20 at midnight when the winner will be contacted. Winners need to live in Oxfordshire.

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