The first game show featured over 100 people drawing pen moustaches on their face, making over 170 paper cranes and 40 people posing to recreate Michelangelo’s creation of Adam.

Yes, Jericho Comedy’s Saturday night Play At Home Game Show is well underway, followed by an awards ceremony at 6pm every Sunday.

“The response to the first show has been really positive. We had so much fun and can’t wait till next Saturday to play the next one,” Jericho Comedy’s Harry Househam said. It’s been such a great laugh that I actually forgot we were in lockdown.”

Comedy to be enjoyed in self isolation comes courtesy of the wonderful Jericho Comedy, who can always be relied on to brighten up our days.

Which is why the local comedy crew have come up with a variety of different games to provide people with a bit of silliness, lots of laughs and the perfect excuse for some escapism.

“We may not be doctors with the ability to help in the current crisis, but as comedians and clowns we are putting our skills together to entertain you during lockdown,” Jericho Comedy’s Harry Houseman explains.

“We intend to provide shows that are play along, silly, and provide an opportunity for you to take part with your friends and family isolating elsewhere. All with the intention of bringing people together and getting creative in lockdown.”

Every Saturday night Jericho Comedy will be hosting the ‘Play at home Game Show’ an alternative quiz where there are no wrong answers.

Instead of punishing you for not knowing something, they will reward people for thinking creatively and being silly.

The game show is a set of eight challenges, each published as eight videos on Facebook every Saturday night.

You have six hours from 6pm until midnight to complete all eight challenges – plenty of time to complete them at your own leisure.

The eight challenges will vary every week but will feature tasks along the lines of arts and crafts, creative writing, photo and video rounds, and household scavenger hunts.

“The show has a really buzzing live atmosphere because you can see other team entries coming in as the challenges are posted,” Harry explains “leading to an evening of silly photos, videos and jokes shared by different teams and households that are self isolating.

“There are no wrong answers as the gameshow is about getting creative. Puns and pedantry are rewarded, as are dressing up, and putting in maximum effort.” 

Jericho Comedy is also running topical game shows themed around survival and being trapped, like spaceship missions and desert island survival.

‘Space Mission’ and ‘Desert Island Risks’ mean audience members have to complete challenges at home to see if they can survive. ‘Space Mission 2: Journey to Uranus’ will be next.

“Our Desert Island Risks show will be an evening of desert island themed challenges. People can bring 3 household items with them onto the island where they will have to decode messages in morse code, create a message in a bottle, awaken the island’s mystical God and then appease the deity. You can create songs and dances in his honour, and you may even need to sacrifice members of your household…

Only Jericho Comedy could come up with something that barmy? Keep up to date on all digital comedy shows by checking the Jericho Comedy Facebook page and website


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