Catherine Rayner CALLUM AND JAKE

Summertown is joining forces with Art Late Woodstock to entice art lovers to come out for an evening of art, socialising and a festive glass of wine starting this Wednesday.

Art Late Woodstock began earlier this year to highlight the Oxfordshire town’s extensive art offering and encourage art fans, visitors, locals and the general public to enjoy the art there, meet the artists and make an evening of it.


Rachel Gracey R.E. The Parks 18 at Zuleika

The July event was such a success that not only is it being held again in Woodstock on Wednesday December 1, but Summertown is joining in a week later on Wednesday Dec 8.

Sue Wheeler – Wild Swimming

But first comes Woodstock, and the galleries involved include Dantzig, Zuleika, Darl-e and the Bear, Iona House and jeweller Libby Rak.

In Woodstock, meet some of the artists in Zuleika Gallery‘s Winter Show including painters Jemma Powell, Rosannagh Scarlet Esson, David Williams Bulkeley and printmaker Rachel Gracey RE, who are all showing work in the exhibition.

Jemma Powell Juicy Apples at Zuleika

At Darl-e and the Bear three of its exhibiting artists will be demonstrating live throughout the evening.

Painter Prasad Beaven will be demonstrating his delicate ink paintings, sculptor Fi Hunter will be sculpting in clay and textile artist Cassandra Sabo will be weaving live on her loom.

Prasad Beaven at Darl-e and the Bear

Dantzig will be presenting a curated selection of fine art prints and original posters by modern and contemporary artists – including Sir Peter Blake, The Connor Brothers, Tommy Fiendish and Adrian Pearsons. There are also rumours that Tommy Fiendish might make a surprise appearance.

Adrian Pearsons at Dantzig

A week later, visitors to both The Sarah Wiseman Gallery and The North Wall Arts Centre will be able to enjoy two fantastic exhibitions.

The first, Sarah Wiseman Gallery‘s annual festive group exhibition ‘Deck the Walls’ includes new work by acclaimed artist and illustrator Catherine Rayner, Oxford paintings by Bee Bartlett, rich floral studies by Fletcher Prentice and ceramics by new maker Kate Garwood.

Anna marrow Call of the Wild Web at Sarah Wiseman

Just down the road on South Parade at The North Wall Arts Centre you can enjoy ‘Outside’ an exhibition of three Oxfordshire based printmakers, Lizzie Wheeler, Manja Scott, Susan Wheeler.

Sue Wheeler – Rewilding at North Wall

Visitors can expect to see a tour de force of printmaking as the artist’s cross disciplines make working using five different printmaking techniques. 

Kate Garwood at Sarah Wiseman

Art Late runs in Woodstock on Wednesday December 1 from 5pm-8pm and Summertown on Wednesday December 8 from 6pm-8pm.