Need some suggestions? Don’t know where to eat in Oxford with the kids? Well here’s some of our best recommendations. We haven’t included museum cafes, that’s coming another time, as is anywhere further afield, but for now, as it’s half term, we are making it Oxford-centric, so fill your boots, healthy or not.

  1. The French Crepe, Cowley Road – new, small and brimming with a fantastically naughty pancake menu, plus milkshakes to die for. Just don’t count the calories.

2) Moo Moos – The Covered Market – no trip to Oxford is complete without a trip to this milkshake mecca or is this just us? There is an entire wall of flavours to choose from, boasting all your favourite chocolate bars – from Turkish delight to White Bueno and Toblerone.

3) Mamma Mia – that old chestnut now has two venues to choose from – Jericho and Summertown – fully catering for families, the Italians embrace children with a fervour that is hugely appreciated by all Oxford parents. Pizza, pasta and friendliness.

4) Atomic Burger Cowley Road – a children’s fantasy restaurant – ridiculous burgers, and a decor that keeps them entertained for hours. From Star Wars to comics, this really is a TV geeks heaven. Takes you back to the days when children actually watched television. And the milkshakes – solid gone.

5) Franca Manca – quick, cheap and tasty. When you don’t have much time or patience, Franca Manca ticks all the boxes. It’s busy mind, so you might have to queue, but once you’re in, the pizzas arrive in minutes and you can still buy a margherita for £5.

6) Up In Arms and Rickety Press – run by the same folks who do a great line in brunch, pizzas and burgers in a really funky setting. Rickety Press in Jericho has a snazzy red banquette graffiti style space at the back, a Burger Monday discount menu and cheap weekday pizzas. The same applies at Up In Arms in Marston which is more of a large open retro space. Both firm favourites.

7) Dirty Bones – The Westgate – there is a £10 lunch for fried chicken, burgers and hot dogs that includes a side and they are goo-ooo-ood. Plus opposite Curzon Cinema and shops so handy.

8) Mission Burrito – St Michael’s Street, if you kids are like mine and eat a lot then check this out , massive burritos eaten while watching the world go by where you can choose the fillings and heat strength, or on the move.

9) Cocos – Cowley Road, all the fun stuff, great menu, healthy choices if you want them, fresh juices, plus who can beat a clown in the bath?

10) Banana Tree – George Street – another constant request – the laksas are infamous, the kids love the sunken tables and the banana fritters are legendary. As for the green pancakes – just sit back and enjoy the ride. Indo-chinese by the way.

11) Pizza Pilgrims – Westgate – has its own photo booth, banquettes, an open plan kitchen and, booths, green and white checkered tables and massive fresh bouncy pizzas. Win win.

12) Brasserie Blanc – Summertown – the French like children more than the English. Brasserie Blanc has always had a menu for little ones which, of course, cooks delicious, decent, proper French food.

13) Pho – Westgate – another family favourite. Dive into the big bowls of noodle broth. Caters for the masses but the service is quick and the Vietnamese food is novel – a big crowd pleaser. http://pho oxford

14) The Hollybush, Osney, a lovely pub, positively packed with families all cramming in for the nachos and pizzas. Can highly recommend. http://hollybush osney

15) Breakfast Club – Westgate – too early for lunch, want supper at breakfast time, crave pancakes or waffles right now? All day breakfasts, nachos, tortillas – all the good stuff in one place, and great at any time of the day or night.

16) Thaikhun – George Street, Thai for littles? No problem. And they make it fun with a special kids menu to introduces them to some new flavours while wowing them with tuktuks.

17) iScream gelateria – Covered Market – the ice cream shop with the mostest. seriously decadent so be prepared to wait while you make some difficult decision about flavours and cones.

18) Tommi’s – Westgate Food Hall – Its still there and its still good. Make your own, add as many condiments as you want. Proper burgers that drip and ooze, this has a great Americana vibe and the kids always ask to go there.

19) Five Guys – more burgers and franks, and not cheap, plus its self-service which isn’t always easy with children, but boy is it worth the hassle! And the drinks machine is crazy.

20) Boost – Westgate – we all get to that moment when the kids get hungry and we’ve run out of time. Boost plugs the gap at any time of the day and with fresh fruit and a fab menu to choose from their shakes are good for you at the same time.


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